Author Guidelines


The title describes the subject of the manuscript adequately, clearly, precisely, not multi-interpretation and consists of a maximum of 14 words.


The maximum number of authors is 5 people. The author's name must be written without being followed by an Academic Degree. Please write clearly who is responsible for correspondence at all stages of publication (Corresponding Author), including post-publication. Make sure the name, email address, institution and others are written according to the template.


  1. Abstract is expected to summarize all the contents of the manuscript starting from the introduction, problems, methods used in problem solving, results, discussions and conclusions obtained.
  2. Abstracts are not allowed to use abbreviations
  3. In the Abstract are not allowed to include trademarks
  4. The abstract is not allowed to contain citations
  5. The number of words in the abstract must be between 150-250 words
  6. Keywords state the core keywords about the research carried out which contains a maximum of 5 words.


In the introduction, researchers are expected to be able to explain the existing phenomena, the problems to be discussed, 3-5 previous studies, and the solutions offered.

Theoretical basis

Contains theories that support research. Researchers can take theories that are in accordance with the research and come from journals that already have a DOI. Needs emphasis on this. Reference sources must use a DOI.

The Proposed Method

In this section, each researcher is expected to be able to provide the latest contributions related to solutions to existing problems. Researchers can also use pictures, diagrams and flowcharts to explain solutions to these problems.

Results and Discussion

In this section, the researcher will explain the results of the research obtained. Researchers can also use pictures, tables and curves to explain the results of the study. After completing explaining the research results, the researcher can provide a simple discussion related to the results of the research trial.

Conclusions and suggestions

This section contains conclusions about the research undertaken and suggestions for further research.

Thank-you note

The author may express his gratitude to those who helped in writing scientific papers. Their nature is optional.


Since all Strategic: Journal of Management Sciences papers are published online, including references, it is mandatory to include a permanent link (DOI) for all references available online. The minimum reference used is 20 reference sources with a composition of 75% being the primary reference source.

For each reference, a permanent online link is included at the end of each reference using the APA CITATION STYLE 6Th Edition style.

In writing citations and references the author / researcher is required to use a Reference Manager such as MendeleyZotero as well as EndNote.


Manuscripts received:

We accept papers in Microsoft Word (.docx) electronic form only. Please note that manuscripts must be properly formatted to be accepted. Formatting instructions can be found in the following Word Template and must be strictly followed.

Papers must be written in Indonesian and submitted in Camera Ready format. It is mandatory to submit your original work in Microsoft Word (.DOC, .DOCX, .RTF) and it is not recommended to send it in PDF format using our online manuscript submission system (OJS). We will perform the final formatting and all necessary format conversions of your manuscript.

You must go to "Online Submission" and upload your manuscript using the online interface. All subsequent versions (revised after review process) must be uploaded using the same Manuscript ID and password that you specify.


Your article will be processed within 30 days. Please do not contact the Editor before 30 days have passed.